Strangely, CBS Leaves FNC’s Chris Wallace Out of “60 Minutes” Tribute to Mike Wallace

Occasionally what is not in a story is as striking as what is.

On Sunday’s “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace offered a touching account on the passing of his father, “60 Minutes” newsman Mike Wallace. He showed a clip from a 2005 interview he did with his father in which Mike cracked on Chris’s “fair and balanced friends.” At the close of the interview, Mike told him he loved him and was proud of him. Chris could be heard crying on air.

In subsequent news stories since Wallace’s death, it has been noted that Wallace did not speak of his life’s work near the end — only his family and how important they were.

So all the more strange that in a whopping hour-long devotional to Mike Wallace on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday night, there was not a single mention of the FNC host. At one point Wallace admits his attentions to his family were less than what he dedicated to his job. But there were mentions of Wallace’s fourth wife, Mary, a deceased son, Peter, and of the vast interviews that Wallace conducted during his 93-year-old life. These included Barbra Streisand, Bette Davis, The Reagans, Eleanor Roosevelt, Johnny Carson and more.