Thanks to Joseph Heller, It’s Christmas in July for The Strand Magazine

NPR’s Here and Now with Jeremy Hobson and Robin Young had a fascinating report at the beginning of the week about the latest name-brand unpublished work to be discovered and shared in The Strand magazine. It’s the never-before-seen short story “Almost Like Christmas,” involving a Southern schoolteacher, by Joseph Heller.

We were curious about a few more aspects not covered by NPR and got in touch with The Strand managing editor Andrew Gulli. How, for example, does he get clearance for each one of these finds, something he has been focusing on in recent years?

“I had to go to through the estate who granted us the rights to publish the story,” Gulli explains. “ICM were terrific and easy to work with.”

The current quarterly issue of The Strand with the Heller short story is available online for $10.00 and at newsstands for $6.95. “It’s hard to gauge,” says Gulli, “but I would say the piece of fiction [of this type] that had the most impact was the Graham Greene novella which we published.”

Gulli is a tireless devotee to The Strand brand and tells us he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I have been in publishing since I was 22, love and and will die an editor.”