StoryBundle Is Offering Halloween Horror eBook Bundle

StoryBundle, the  pay-what-you-want indie book publishing site founded by former Gizmodo and Lifehacker editor Jason Chen that was announced back in February, has its third bundle of books up for sale.

The site, which offers a pay-what-you-want model as a way to sell eBooks from independent authors, is currently selling a group of horror novels, called the “Halloween Horror Ebook Bundle.” The collection includes six eBooks, and two additional eBooks if you pay for the premium. Authors with works available in the bundle include: Joseph NassiseWeston OchseJon F. MerzPatricia FultonMartin Kee, and Annie Walls. The bundle went live on October 18th and is only available through November 7th.

Every month the site releases a bundle of theme-curated DRM-free eBooks. Readers can pay between $1-100 to purchase the bundled collection. If they choose to pay more than $7, then they’ll get bonus books. The default on the page is $10, and readers can choose to move the dial up or down as they see fit. The site accepts payments through PayPal, Google Wallet and Amazon.