Storyboard Lets You Document Special Occasions in Digital Stories

The app allows users to create digital stories by uploading their photos to customizable templates.

Twigtale announced the launch of its Storyboard application, which allows users to create digital stories by uploading their photos to customizable templates. The app was designed to help busy families document special occasions.

At launch, the app features templates for seven topics: Family Trip, Graduation, Baby’s First Day, Baby’s First Year, Birthday Party, A Day at and Celebration. Once users select templates, the app will guide them through the creation of their stories page by page. To create stories, users will need to import photos from their camera rolls (or take new photos within the app), as well as add text captions to their content.

Templates may also include stock text captions, but users have the option to edit these and type their own. In addition, the app may suggest the kinds of photos users should add to their pages, such as closeup shots of their babies or pictures of their travel destinations.

Once stories are finished, users can share them with others digitally for free. Users can also turn their stories into soft or hardcover books for $19.99 or $29.99 each, respectively.

In a statement, Bobby Benfield, CEO of Twigtale, commented:

As a dad, I know how important it is to document those truly special but fleeting family moments, from the birth of your baby to weekend getaways. Today I’m forced either to post a few scattered photos to social media sites or spend hours trying to make something that truly captures the significance of the event. So, I usually do nothing, and my photos stay unused on my phone. Now with the launch of Storyboard, we relieve the gridlock that comes with starting from scratch and make it much easier for busy parents to create high-quality and meaningful keepsakes on-the-go.

The Storyboard app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. Twigtale plans to update the app with additional templates going forward.