Story review

Story is an iPhone app from Disney. It is now available for free in the App Store and carries no additional in-app purchases.

Disney’s Story looks to capture people’s moments and lives and allow them to show off the various stories that make life worth living. Story is a very basic app, but the services it provides and its ability to share with social networks make it an appealing photo and video management app for iPhone users.

Story will prompt users to sign in with a Disney account. If a user doesn’t have a Disney account, they can easily sign up through the app or with their Facebook credentials. Signing into an account isn’t required, but users who wish to share content or send emails through Story need to use a valid Disney login. Once the user logs in, they’re treated to the main screen, which contains two lists: “My Moments” and “My Stories.” Moments are created automatically when Story accesses the iPhone’s camera roll and attempts to sort the images by date and location. The goal is to sort every day and new location into its own moment and the process works well, though not always perfect.

The “My Stories” tab focuses on user-created albums put together as to tell a story. When a story is created, users are given three options for content: photo, video, and text. Photos and videos can be taken on the spot or uploaded from the device or the moments section. Users are also encouraged to add text, creating a bit of a photo album feel to the story. There’s not much room for text, as each entry has a 150 character limit, but Story’s idea is to tell a tale with video and images and not rely heavily on words. This is made easier with the organization in the “My Moments” section. The goal of moments is to arrange a story before the user makes it, and its accurate organization accomplishes this goal with high precision.

When the pictures, videos, and text, are set up and the story is finished, users are able to set a theme. Similar to a slide show presentation, certain themes fit with certain subjects. In Story’s case, there are only five themes, but their variety gives users a fair bit of choice. Once the theme is set, users may preview the story by simply watching it scroll from left to right. If they’re happy with the final product, they can either email the story’s link to someone, or share it on Facebook. Both methods generate a link to the story on the app’s official website. Published stories can be viewed by anyone, provided they have the URL, so users are encouraged to not upload personal information. Users who wish to remove a story from the website can delete the story in the app and it will soon be deleted online. Users who want to share their story through channels other than Facebook or email will need to wait, as Pinterest and Twitter support are still in the works.

Story is a very basic photo sharing app, but it’s simple charm and it’s ease of use make it an appealing option for users who want to share certain moments with friends and family. It’s limited sharing options hurts some of it’s appeal, but future updates look to fill that void. Story isn’t the best presentation maker, nor is it the best photo and video manager, but it does a fine job on both ends and allows users to tell a story in the process.

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