The ‘Story Of Twitter’ To Air On 60 Minutes This Sunday [VIDEO]

You know that @Jack, @Biz and @Ev co-founded Twitter, but ever wonder how the whole idea of Twitter came to be?

Jack Dorsey (@Jack) sat down with 60 Minutes and shared the thinking behind Twitter, as well as his feelings around being forced out of the company – and the interview airs this Sunday night. Check out the clip below.

CBS Newsshares that a young Jack Dorsey was shy, loved trains and because of a speech impediment, he spent a lot of time listening to the chatter on the police scanner – and he was intrigued.

They never used many words but managed to communicate quite a bit. The hours he spent listening to that radio paid off years later when, as an adult with a cell phone, it inspired him to create Twitter.

Dorsey shares that he was “forced out of Twitter due to internal discord,” but holds no grudges.

He says, his weakness was his own reticence, an issue he still works on. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I need to communicate more. I need to be more vocal.”

He later founded Square, a mobile payment company that Dorsey hopes will also be world-changing (like Twitter has been), by removing cash from business transactions. And he shares this . . . interesting view of “cash money.”

“Money touches every single person on this planet and at one point in their life they feel bad about it,” he tells Logan. “It feels dirty sometimes. It never feels great, but it’s great when it disappears. Feels like you’re taken care of. It feels like the world is just working.”


But anyway, it promises to be an interesting interview. Here’s a clip!

WIll you be tuning in?

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