Storm8’s Fantasy Forest Story Launches on iOS

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Mobile social gaming company Storm8 has today announced the launch of Fantasy Forest Story on iOS devices. Developed by TeamLava, the animal collection and breeding game is described as a mix of zoology and mythology, as users collect real animals, but with a twist.

A Pyro Pony, for instance, is a fire-type pony, while a Pandaffodil mixes nature with a panda bear. Each animal has a different elemental affiliation, and players are challenged with collecting them all through breeding or purchasing them from the store.

In Fantasy Forest Story, players start with two animals, a farm for growing food, and little space for expansion. Gamers feed their pets items like apples to increase their level, and when they’ve hit their maximum hunger level, they can be sent to the evolution flower to evolve into a better, more profitable form. Each animal produces coins over time, and these coins can be used to purchase additional animals, trigger breeding, build more habitats, grow food and other tasks.

Players are led through the experience via a quest system, which sees them building specific habitats or adopting animals in a particular order. Eventually, players will need to expand their forest to hold more habitats and animals, as each individual habitat has a limited amount of space.

Fantasy Forest Story 650

When they’re confident in their collection, players can take their pets into battles in the Battleground. Here, they have a chance to win coins, gems (premium currency) or rare animals for their forest. Each level-based encounter is turn-based, and players can use free or premium attacks to take out other computer-controlled creatures.

While free-to-play, gamers can spend real money to purchase premium animals in the store, or speed up building, breeding and other timers around the forest. Meanwhile, the game’s social components see users visiting their friends and sending them gifts.

“The overwhelming response we received from Dragon Story, one of our most popular breeding simulation games, inspired us to expand our footprint in this game category,” said Storm8 CEO Perry Tam. “Fantasy Forest Story is a fresh take on this genre – a casual game that combines mid-core elements to offer a truly immersive and engaging gaming experience. We’re excited to release this game into the wild!”

Fantasy Forest Story is available to download for free on iOS. Going forward, the game will be updated with bi-weekly tournaments and other community events.

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