Storify Supersizing With Livefyre

Livefyre has acquired Storify, and it looks like everyone’s going to benefit.

Livefyre has acquired Storify, and it looks like everyone’s going to benefit.

Storify, which allows users to create stories by collecting content from around the web, is already popular with journalists — and so is Livefyre, which enables news outlets to integrate real-time social content into their websites.

Now that the two are merged, we’re likely to see more social media integration across news outlets, brand websites, native ads and TV broadcasts. A single user interface for accessing both platforms and a drag-and-drop feature are also in the works.

There’s no word on how much the acquisition cost Livefyre, but we’re pretty confident it was worth it — this is a match made in heaven, seriously. It’s up there with coffee and muffins, cream cheese and bagels, and possibly even gin and tonic.

Storify is set to become the useful platform it’s always had the potential to be — with this extra push, Storify will be able to strengthen the relationship between social media and journalism that it’s nurtured since its conception in 2010.

And Livefyre’s NewsHubs are really going to benefit from all this. A NewsHub is a great way to cover an event — think of it as a real-time content-stream that uses geotagging to pull relevant content from Twitter, Instagram, and more — but the content-curation part of the process has always been its weakness.

But, more importantly – what does this mean for you? It seems there will be a freemium model at play soon, according to the press release:

Do you use either service? Do you plan to start now?

(Image from Storify)