Storey Turns His Blog Against ‘The Blog Council’


We really dig it when Greg Storey over at Airbag’s got something on his mind and we thank Andy Rutledge for reminding us to visit him. This time around, he’s trying to wrap his head around The Blog Council, a site dedicated to helping gigantic companies blog properly, and getting pretty frustrated in the process. Really, if you’re looking for a fun read, both in Greg’s comments and in the unintentionally funny quotes he pulls out from their site, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a bit:

What do you do when 2000 employees have personal blogs?


Oh, I mean indoctrinate the workers on the heroic qualities of your brand. Let them know that lawyers are monitoring their feeds and at the first sign of dissent, they will be sent to Gitmo’s Executive Bootcamp for Re-Education. Remind them that blogging is not the road to liberty — their voice represents the brand at all times, even when they might be writing about an obsession with Lisa Frank products.