Store and Share Photos Securely with Hidely on iOS

HidelyZero-trace camera and photo platform Hidely has launched on iOS devices, giving users access to a secret gallery and secure camera for protecting their private photos. Photos taken with the app, or imported into the Hidely gallery, are protected via double encryption technology, and users must enter a passcode before ever entering the app.

With Hidely, users create a passcode of at least eight characters, and must enter this code any time they’d like to view their Hidely photo gallery, take a new picture within the app, and so on. Hidely does not have access to this passcode, so users must remember it for future use. Photos taken within the app never bounce out to the device’s standard camera roll (and therefore hit a user’s photostream), so any outside eyes will never see the pictures in question. These photos are stored on the user’s device, not on a server.

Hidely can also be used to send images securely to other users. To share an
“expiring” image, the app creates a single-use link to share a photo, which then expires after a one-time view, or after 24 hours of its original sending time. Private links are also available that only allows users to view images within Hidely.

“Almost everyone has photos on their phone that are meant to stay private,” says Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Hidely, in a statement. “We’ve seen too many flagrant cases of privacy invasion, so we wanted to introduce a solution that restores a sense of security, and puts people at ease knowing their content remains under their complete control.”

Hidely is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.