Behind the Scenes of That Stoned Grandmas Viral Video

The video racked up 12 million views in three days. But the biggest challenge was finding grandmas who hadn't tried weed before.

A video from marketing agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo went viral this week, which depicted three grandmas smoking marijuana for the first time. In just three days, the video racked up nearly 12 million views. It was posted on the agency’s experimental website

The video captures some great moments, including when one grandma mistakes a vaporizer for a dildo. What happened to the first-time smokers after they tried cannabis? “I can feel some tingle in my brain” and “I could go iron now for days; I love to iron,” were some of the sentiments expressed. “I don’t feel as high as they look to me,” explained one grandma. “Just like being drunk, isn’t it?” another replied.

Creative director Mike Gaston told the Wall Street Journal he hoped would become something in between BuzzFeed and Vice: “I think it’s possible for us to create culturally relevant videos that are also entertaining — videos you can watch and have a good time, but that might also make viewers question things.”

But the biggest challenge the agency faced was finding grandmas who had never tried weed. “Eventually the company was forced to use a talent agency to send it candidates, but even then, it turned out most of them had tried it at least once,” reports the WSJ.