Stomp the Yard Stomps Box Office: Pearl, Jr. Explains


Media personality and author Pearl, Jr. sends us some box-office news:

Stomp the Yard reached the coveted #1 Movie in America status, earning over $22 million, averaging around $11,000 per screening in 2051 theaters. Previous #1 movies for King’s weekend include Glory Road and Coach Carter.

The success of this film is a rebuttal to Joe Queenan’s op-ed in Sunday’s LA Times referencing movies ostensibly about people of color, but in which some white guy saves the day: Blood Diamond, Constant Gardener, The Interpreter, et al.

To be fair, movies featuring a wise/sacrificing/tough-but-fair black figure abound as well. Sidney Poitier is the patron saint of this genre; Whoopi Goldberg has played so many of these, she practically holds the patent. Lou Gossett, Jr. has also done his share of mentor roles. And in any given teen ensemble cast, there’s the hero, heroine, best friends of same, smart-ass and computer genius. Old school = black guy is smart ass. New School = black girl is computer genius. After school = black guy is heroine.

Pearl, Jr., who calls it like she sees it, has some sharp words for Paramount on the timid roll-out of Dreamgirls:

To date, this star studded musical has only earn a mere $58 million to which surely if Paramount would have released it to the full American audience of 3,700 theaters it could have easily earned more than $100 million judging by its smashing per screening average of $15,000, which doubles what a lot of the biggest blockbusters have attained. Taking all this into consideration, I maintain that all money ain’t good money according to the executive that decided to slow its distribution to the world.