Stock Up Now For Your Next Garage Sale

pirates_bag.jpgIs your Dwight bobblehead broken? Can’t get your Light Saber to work? Well, maybe it’s time to blow good money on more junk. To that end, we give you these two jems via Defamer (Lord, help us): a Snakes on a Plane necklace. It’s got everything a gimmicky purchase requires: It’s expensive, useless and ridiculous. Plus, if you wear it to the opening of Rocky Horror-of-the-new-millenium, you’re bound to look like an ass. Better hurry!

If you’re not high on snakes, perhaps pirates float your boat. In which case, how could you possibly resist a $4,495 Pirates of the Caribbean clutch?.

Then, of course, there’s the $250 Pirates “class ring.”

C’mon. You guys gotta spend the money you made on your old comic books on something, right?