StitMe Private Communications App Keeps Your Phone Number Secure

stitme 650

In a world with growing concern over mobile privacy, BooleanTech has today announced the launch of its mobile privacy app StitMe on iOS and Android devices. The app works to allow users to contact others with generated, but permanent, StitMe phone numbers, so their real phone number is never exposed to unwanted individuals.

screen568x568StitMe gives each user a unique “StitMe Privacy Protected Connection Number,” which can be used to make outgoing calls or receive incoming messages, rather than their real number. Say a user meets a new person in a bar, and wants to contact them after the fact. Using StitMe, the user’s generated number will display on the caller ID window, rather than the individual’s actual phone number.

If two individuals are both StitMe users, they can add each other via their StitMe usernames for added convenience. Once messages are sent between users, the app provides a timer-based “Auto Kill” mechanic to kill chats on both sides of the conversation.

When communications don’t work out, users can delete contacts from their StitMe address book, and the other user can never contact them again. In addition, users can customize their availability within the app, turning off days or hours they may not wish to receive messages.

“Privacy is a right and not a commodity, thus it must be made available to one and all. Therefore StitMe is free for all end users,” said Gurtaj Singh Padda, founder and CEO of BooleanTech. “StitMe’s cutting-edge technology is extremely easy-to-use, works with every phone, on every network and is completely untraceable.”

StitMe joins similar services on mobile devices, like Burner, which allows users to generate phone numbers (say, for posting an ad on Craigslist) and “burn” them when they’re no longer needed.

StitMe is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.