Stirling Prize Shortlist Announced, is ‘Cooler Than Ever’


The Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects’ Journal released their shortlist picks for this year’s Stirling Prize and the Guardian‘s Jonathan Glacey thinks its the coolest batch of buildings they’ve ever picked. Also the most Nordic. They’re all cool (as in “slightly cold”), square (except for Zaha Hadid‘s Nord Park Cable Railway, but it’s Hadid, so that goes without saying), and most look like they’d fit perfectly in any film director’s movie about the near future. So Glacey lays out the list of all six picks, including (thank the heavens) links to each and every one of the potential winners. It’s a great, quick, interesting way to get up to speed on this year’s Stirling. And elsewhere in the Guardian, if you’re hungry for more, the paper put together this great feature on the oldest of the shortlisted buildings, the Royal Festival Hall (albeit nominated in its current, remodeled form).