Stimulist Founder Carlos Watson’s Hiring!

The Stimulist launched last week and made news yesterday when Roger McNamee invested an unknown amount of money in the thing. The Stimulist, founded by MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson, is kind of a cross between a lean Web magazine and a Huffington Post: there’s aggregation (in the “Daily Good” section) as well as original content for the “change generation.” As he puts it on the site:

“The Stimulist is a daily brief for the (curious) optimist. We believe that snark is too easy. We’re looking for the good.” The site posts six original things a day: a news roundup, an idea to spark conversation/thought, a profile of an up-and-comer (“Kind of a Big Deal”), a cool new thing to try (“Good Sh*t”), a look back into history, and a blog from Carlos.

Two editorial staffers are working full-time on the project and there are part-time support staff rounding out the team.

How will the site make money? Right now, “we have two branded partners we’re really proud of,” Watson told us. “We think they’re really right for us.” In short: rather than signing on to an ad network and displaying banner ads randomly, Watson’s lining up companies he thinks fit The Stimulist’s mission. That’s “one thousand percent” the strategy. “We’re looking at what we think are really smart and effective advertising programs. We’re going to relentlessly put ourselves in the advertisers shoes. There’s nothing sexy about running out of money,” he says.

Now the good news: Stimulist’s still hiring for two remaining openings: a “kickass editorial writer/editor” and a “results-oriented online guerrilla marketer with proven experience driving quality traffic to start up content sites.” So send your sh*t (as Watson calls it) to and who knows? You could become Kind Of A Big Deal.