Still Stuck with Friendster? Here’s 5 Cool Friendster Widgets for You

If you’re one of the millions of social networking fans who are still using Friendster and have refused the call of more advanced social networking sites such as Facebook and mySpace, Friendster’s just unload a bag of web goodies (alright call it apps or widgets) which you can embed in your profile. And I don’t mean widgets which clutters your social networking profile but actually useful and information rich apps.

friendsterwidgets.pngBut yes of course, majority of these new Friendster apps are geared for its young membership, but then we cannot discount the fact that there are still some adults who uses Friendster even for business and networking purposes. So, here are 5 widgets which could make your Friendster networking experience more fruitful than just meeting new friends.
1. CallMe – Your friends can call you through the Jangl widget without even revealing your phone number. If you add this widget into your profile and your friends click on the widget, Jangl automatically gives them a number which they can use to leave a voice message or talk toyou live.

2. SkinFlix – Lets you take your favorite video into your own profile and lets you customize it to make it appear like your own. Pretty neat applications for showcasing your talents and skills to your Friendster networks.

3. NBA Related Sports Widgets – 39 NBA related widgets all in all. From the NBA Playoffs Highlights, to team standings. These widgets would certainly please NBA fans.

4. Imeem – Forget about other audio/visual widgets, Imeem’s very own music widgets for Friendster is uber cool with tons of songs, videos and photos which you can garnish your Friendster profile with. You can even add your own content through Imeem-Friendster’s widget.

5. Slide Shows – Lets you create a slideshow of your photos with different cool custom skins. You can even add music to your slideshow to make it more entertaining.

I know these five Friendster widgets are no match to the widgets featured in mySpace and Facebook’s social platforms. But we got to give credit to Friendster for at least trying to make their social network still attune with current web developments, in this case Web 2.0’s widgets.