Sticking Up For the LA Times

lat.gifAnnouncing a new feature: To spare my readership from trudging through the LA Times in its entirety, each day I will find the one compelling paragraph therein and post it here. Does Defamer do that for you? LAObserved? Wait, LAObserved kinda does do that. Um. Anyway.

Today’s paragraph comes from the piece about the Archstone apartment complex in Studio City, home to show business hopefuls and almost-theres willing to over-pay for short term housing:

Living at Archstone may be a financial stretch for Ledyard, who works as a hostess at an Olive Garden. She rents a two-bedroom with three Kent State grads for $2,000 a month, when units across the street can go for about half that. But the complex gives her access to a segment of Hollywood that goes beyond celeb sightings at work. Among the residents who have had at least a brush with fame: Michael Elliot, a screenwriter whose credits include 2002’s “Brown Sugar”; reality “villain” Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth; and Shakim Compere, Queen Latifah’s manager.

Now you don’t have to read the LA Times today. Use the time I save you each day to floss. I mean, really floss. And then, after your next dental appointment when you discover you have no cavities, send me some flowers.