Stick Run Fills the Stands with Endless Running Fans on Facebook

Stick Run by Manuel Otto is an independently developed endless-running game for Facebook. The title first caught our eye earlier this month and wound up on our list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users today.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Stick Run currently has 1,716,127 monthly active users and 316,930 daily active users.

Stick Run challenges players to travel as far as possible through a randomly generated side-scrolling level filled with obstacles. The player’s stick figure character runs on its own, but players can speed up and slow down using the left and right arrow keys. Pressing the up arrow key makes the figure jump, while pressing down causes it to slide under obstacles.

Obstacles range from single crates to stacks of them, panes of glass and rotating saw blades. Running headlong into walls of crates or any saw blade ends the game, at which point players can restart and try again. Achievements can be unlocked for meeting certain performance criteria. The game also has a multiplayer component wherein players can run through a level alongside up to three other players in real time. The winner is the player that runs the farthest. Hitting obstacles eliminates players and they must wait until the next round to compete again.

In addition to the multiplayer mode, Stick Run offers social interaction in the form of a chat room, leaderboards (both score and number of boxes jumped), friend to friend challenges and bragging about achievements on viral channels.

Stick Run is monetized through the sale of soft currency and special items, and apparently through display ads (see screenshot below). Some of the items for sale are cosmetic enhancements while others, such as various types of running shoes, can actually make players’ characters run faster, jump higher and so on. There’s a roughly even mix of items that can be purchased using coins versus those that can only be had by spending Facebook Credits.

You can follow Stick Runs’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.