Stick & Play lets you create games playable in Facebook News Feeds

Stick & Play has announced its new Facebook feed gaming service of the same name, allowing brands and developers to create games that can be played directly within the Facebook News Feed.

Stick & Play was formed to help brands more effectively market themselves on the social network. It wishes to help brands move away from traditional ideas, like trivia contests or hashtag campaigns, and instead create something that’s more customized and innovative for the user.

The company assures brands that they won’t need HTML knowledge to program a game, as the platform’s control panel offers a step-by-step guide from the beginning of a game’s life, to its launch.

Upon logging in, users can choose from a variety of games, like tile sliding puzzles, ping pong, memory games and more. Each can be customized with new logos, artwork and text types, and the system provides all of the details for image sizes and shapes to help things run smoothly.

Once the basic game has been created, it can be “stuck” and shared anywhere, from Facebook Fan Pages to personal timelines and those of friends. The games are inherently social, as their placement on Fan Pages and news feeds allows users to comment on them and share them with friends.

Supported by $100,000 in seed funding from Speed Up Venture Capital Group, the Stick & Play service is now rolling out for brands. More information about Stick & Play can be found on the company’s website.

Watch a video for Stick & Play below.

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