Steven Spielberg Headed To Broadway

0711catch.jpgQuick, random note: Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can is headed to Broadway. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are adapting Catch into a musical, with Nathan Lane starring as FBI agent Carl Hanratty Jr. The idea of Lane performing in Tom Hanks‘ movie role is an interesting one. As of yet there’s no word on whether Frank Abagnale, the real life inspiration for the film, will be making any royalties from it. Yes, that’s Broadway 2007: Musical adaptations of Steven Spielberg movies are now officially out of Simpsons territory and into real life. The musical’s origins come out of a failed musical adaptaton of the Katherine Hepburn musical/play Stage Door: “Someone asked us to write a musical of ‘Stage Door,'” recalls Shaiman, referring to the work best known as a movie starring Katharine Hepburn. “But we wanted to go back and read the play. So we went to the Drama Book Shop, and they had just put out the script to ‘Catch Me if You Can.’ Scott walked past it and said, ‘Well, this is a much more exciting idea for a musical than ‘Stage Door’ and I immediately got it.”