Steven Moore at CPAC: Tasteless or Just Lacking Game?

Yesterday, this Fishie posted an item on Wall Street Journal writer and Fox News commentator Steven Moore’s awkward interaction with a female UCLA grad at CPAC. We called a joke Moore made about Asians at UCLA inappropriate, and suggested he leave the attempts at flirtation with women 30 years his younger to the alternative journos of the world. We received more than a few emails about the post, mainly from alternative journos lamenting the lack of free time they have to devote to sexual chicanery. But we also got this one from a regular reader:

As much as I detest Stephen Moore (whose braying jackass imitation gives me chills), his remark about Asians attending UCLA was more or less harmless.

My daughter went to UC Berkeley, which, at the time, had an almost 45-percent Asian enrollment, and it was the Asians themselves who laughed about the ratio. I mean, what else are students going to do—pretend the differential doesn’t exist? The point is, no one cared.

Is Moore an idiot? Yes. Was his attempt at befriending the girl student rather awkward? Yes. Was his Asian comment really as tasteless as you suggest? No. Lighten up, dude.

Well, we never said Moore’s joke was tasteless, we said it was inappropriate. Which it was, considering he was at a high profile event representing his news organization and knew he was being filmed. That said, we didn’t post the item to insinuate Moore was racist or to bag on him for the joke. We posted it to demonstrate his considerable lack of game in flirting with the opposite sex. Watch the video again and argue with us on that. Unassailable.

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