Steven Heller and Co. Come Up with New Campaign Mementos


Steven Heller is back on the campaign trail again this morning with a new update of his on the NY Times‘ Campaign Stops blog. This time around, basing his post on a fond memory of an Adlai Stevenson pin, he asked a handful of designers to create new mementos for the Clinton, Obama, and McCain campaigns. With all things like this, some fall a little short, but there are some, like Nigel Holmes‘ “Obama: Open the Curtain” drapery accessory-turned-campaign-trinket are nothing short of brilliant:

This symbolizes pulling back the curtain on a new era of openness and truth. O, the perfect circle, equals completeness: one America. It is eco-friendly, does not have to be manufactured: just go to your local hardware store and you can get it in a variety of sizes and colors. One can hang it (or many of them) in the window to show support and use as a Christmas tree or holiday decoration to celebrate the coming of a new presidency.