Daily Beast Catches Up to LA Photog’s Treats! Phenomenon

You know the “internal politics” have to be bad when they cause a male photographer to give up lucrative gigs shooting “scantily clad and naked women” for the likes of Maxim, Playboy and FHM. That’s the lede crowning Chris Lee‘s very fun Daily Beast article about British born LA-based photographer Steve Shaw.

Actually, Shaw is still in the beautiful women business, but now operates without the troublesome constraints of “bum crack” edicts or allowable breast exposure decrees. In 2011, he launched his own quarterly magazine Treats! (NSFW), to immediate buzz and acclaim:

The new title has grabbed the attention of influential tastemakers and industry icons around the world for its tasteful displays of female full-frontal nudity, luxe-y aesthetic, and underpinning of fashion-world credibility. And now subscriptions are flooding in as far away as the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, and Malaysia, as well as such entrenched style hubs as London and Tokyo.

The publication, which retails for $20, also recently won a fancy media award and prompted Brett Ratner to volunteer his photographer services. Shaw even got a summons to the Mansion from Hugh Hefner to discuss how Playboy might be similarly overhauled. Next month, the Treats! website will allow visitors to order framed prints of magazine photos for their home or office, at prices ranging from $395 to $3,995 depending on the size.

To read Lee’s full article, click here.