Steve Jobs Had Secret Dinner with New York Times Execs

Why is everything Steve Jobs does such a big secret? He’s like the Elvis of computing. Or something. Anyway, according to New York Magazine, he was in New York last night for an intimate dinner with top Times execs, showing off the iPad and urging them toward a partnership with Apple.

Here’s more from the story: “When Apple recently booked the cellar dining room at Pranna for a talk with 50 top executives from the New York Times, even restaurant higher-ups didn’t know who their VIP guest would be. But last night, Jobs came strolling in wearing what our source calls ‘a very funny hat — a big top hat kind of thing.’ Jobs, who is recovering from a liver transplant last year, requested a mango lassi and penne (neither of which are on the Southern Asian restaurant’s menu, but with a shiny new iPad maybe in it for him, it’s not like the chef was going to say no). Our source says Jobs, who sat at the head of the ‘intimate, family-style gathering’ with Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, demonstrated the iPad and its functions, and spoke about how it could serve the future of media.”

He never looks like a “funny hat” type of guy, but he’s full of surprises. The New York Times ain’t eBooks, but any momentum behind iPad is important to the book world. Right?