Steve Jobs’ Death Breaks Twitter Records, Boosts Bio Sales

News led to 10,000 tweets per second

In the hours following Steve Jobs’ death, his millions of tech-minded admirers took to Twitter in record-breaking numbers to express their grief and celebrate the innovator’s life—resulting in the biggest online reaction to any event in recent history, The Age reported.

Last night, social media monitoring firm SR7 estimated that Twitter received about 10,000 tweets per second as a result of the news, with hashtags like #iSad and #ThankYouSteve topping the "trends" list. Prior to Jobs’ death, the biggest event to hit Twitter was the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards, which generated 8868 tweets per second. (And to put those numbers in the context of Twitter’s massive growth over the past few years, consider this: Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 resulted in 493 tweets per second, which was enough to crash Twitter’s server at the time.)

Sales of Jobs’ authorized biography also skyrocketed as a result of its subject’s passing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, pre-sales of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs have increased by 42,000 percent since Apple broke the news of Jobs’ death.

The book, whose release was moved up from November 21 to October 24 by its publisher this morning, jumped from No. 424 to No. 1 on Amazon’s best-sellers list last night and is currently at No. 3 on Barnes & Noble’s list. (It’s also No. 1 on iTunes’ own best-selling books list, fittingly.)

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