The World Shares Its Thoughts About Steve Jobs

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Calling it “one of the largest outpourings the network has ever seen,” AllTwitter reports that just after 8pm ET last night, just under 16 percent of all tweets included Steve Jobs’ name. Right now, #ThankYouSteve and Remembering Steve Jobs are among the top trending topics on Twitter still.

Over on AllFacebook, a post notes the tributes to Jobs posted as updates (and the malware that’s circulating, posing as a Jobs tribute).

On The New York Times site, David Carr’s Media Decoder column notes, “Mr. Jobs never bought into things like reputational damage or fatal mistakes” and discusses “how he changed business journalism — its image and its attractiveness.”

Sales of Jobs’ iconic black turtleneck have skyrocketed, says TMZ. And his biography, whose release date has been moved up, is number one on Amazon.

And on PRWeek, a number of PR leaders comment on Jobs’ contribution to the way communications is done, something that has not gone unnoticed by many of the other thousands of articles written about Jobs today.

It’s interesting that as trust in companies dwindles and protesters camp out night after night, getting arrested and pepper-sprayed by the cops to voice their opposition to the ways of Wall Street that a wealthy business tycoon has people placing flowers at makeshift vigils and expressing gratitude and respect at his passing.

“Steve Jobs believed in more for everyone: more money for him and his shareholders, more power through personal technology for the people,” says The Atlantic. And at the same time that he talked about self-fulfillment and doing work you love, he also worked very hard.

“Nothing was never enough for Steve Jobs,” the story concludes.

Perhaps. But more than anything, he created things that people use every day. And people have deep attachments to those things, which have changed the way they live their daily lives. As such, people have a deep attachment to Jobs, who tied himself so inextricably to the items he created. I actually didn’t know he had a wife and children until I read it today.

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