Australian Journalist Robbed in NYC Believes He May Have Been Drugged

What in the world!? Steve Butler (pictured), a journalist for newspaper the West Australian and the Seven Network, has revealed that he was mysteriously followed and robbed while in New York to cover the marathon. Among the competitors in the 2013 edition of the race was former Australia West Coast coach John Worsfold. From a report by the West Australian:

After breaking the story about the ex-Eagles champion’s post-race collapse, Butler socialized with Worsfold and other friends before heading back to his hotel on Seventh Avenue.

“I got followed by a woman initially, and then I went to a cafe and had a sandwich and a Sprite 50 meters from the hotel,” Mr Butler told Fairfax radio. “From that point onwards until 11 a.m. the next day when I woke up on my bed fully clothed, I have no recollection of anything.”

Butler says two cameras and the cash from his wallet were gone when he woke up. He believes his drink at the cafe may have been spiked and has reported the incident to the NYPD. We’ll update this item if-when more details become available.

Meanwhile, on behalf of our generally much more hospitable metropolis, we apologize to Mr. Butler.

Update (November 10):
Butler spoke Down Under to 6PR radio host Peter Bell about the experience. He explained that he told the woman who was following him around 1 a.m. to get lost and that he presumed she was a “woman of the night.”

He then added that: his hotel on Seventh Avenue near Times Square had no security cameras; that the security personnel stationed in the lobby told him they had no recollection of seeing him come back from the nearby cafe; and that he has a “vague recollection of getting up and going to the restroom [at the cafe], and there being one other bloke of sitting at the table next to me.”

Ironically, Butler watched The Hangover on his flight over to the U.S. He and Bell ended the interview with a reminder to all, especially women, to be wary of ever leaving an open drink or accepting drinks from strangers.

[Photo of Butler courtesy: @StevieButts]