Steve Butler Moves To Institute of Current World Affairs

Knight Ridder Washington editor Clark Hoyt (he who shall not take over KR-McClatchy DC Bureau) today announced the departure of Knight Ridder’s Washington bureau foreign editor, Steve Butler. Butler leaves to become the executive director of the Institute of Current World Affairs.

    Steve has for several years had the incredibly challenging job of managing our coverage from the Middle East. That means talking through and editing the great stories of Hannah Allam, Nancy Youssef, Tom Lasseter, Dion Nissenbaum and many others rotating through. It also means seeing to their safety and emotional well being night and day, weekdays and weekends. He’s done the job with great skill and so smoothly that many around him may not know just how intense and demanding it is to handle people who are constantly in harm’s way. Steve’s level head, calm demeanor and great compassion have served us all well.

Naturally, folks will wonder how much this has to do with the KR-McClatchey merger.

Conspiracy theorists…have at it.