Romenesko Helps Out a Subway Sketch Artist

A media loop encompassing The Howard Stern Show and The Verge.

Steve Brandano is a producer for The Howard Stern Show as well as a sketch artist. Recently, on the New York subway, he photographed and drew this person:

It turns out the individual Brandano sketched is The Verge Snapchat producer Kirsten Frisina, who runs a pair of channels on the App, Verge and Fluxintime. How do we know all this? Because in the Instagram comments, semi-retired media watcher Jim Romenesko let Brandano know that’s who had been drawn. And then, via Twitter, Romenesko passed on the finished product to Frisina.

Check out Frisina’s Twitter feed for more fun anecdotal info about her atypical G Train experience. And way to go, Romenesko!

Image via: Instagram