Stern Agrees With Lowry Against Oprah

Howard Stern alternates between envy at what he calls the ”Oprah money” that the Queen of All Media makes (he’s not doing so bad himself), and a manly, righteous anger over her near all encompassing soft power. This morning, Stern made a strange bedfellow in the conservative editor of National Review magazine, Rich Lowry. In a case of the lion lying down with the lamb, Stern, no friend of the present administration, praised Lowry’s latest column ”Obama The Messianic,” which is mostly about how Oprah tied up the news cycle this weekend boosting Senator Barack Obama’s run for the Presidency. ”It’s a creepy inflation of a political figure into a secular version of the Second Coming,” writes Lowry, perhaps overstating his case. From Marksfriggin:

”Howard found the clip where Oprah was talking about Obama as though he was ‘the one’ and said that it’s really creepy. He said that the reality is that there is no ‘one’ out there. He said that there isn’t anyone in this country who can even rule on this merger between the satellite companies. He said that it’s condescending to try and tell people that there is just ‘one’ like she was doing.”