A Rich Obituary Sentence

One-time Wall Street Journal reporter passes away at age 93.

The second paragraph of this week’s Connecticut Post obituary for Stephen K. Galpin, who passed away April 3 at age 93, sums it up beautifully:

He was a sailor, paratrooper, newspaper reporter, OSS intelligence agent, humorist, local politico, business executive and renowned dog lover.

The obituary goes on to provide some more detail, for those who need it. The “newspaper reporter” portion of Galpin’s life encompassed The Hartford Courant and the Wall Street Journal, post-World War II. For the Journal, the New York City native wrote the front-page “Worldwide” column and later covered federal politics out of D.C.

Galpin was also a trailblazer for something that is routine today: the segue of a journalist to the more lucrative world of PR. The “business executive” portion of the man’s career refers to his long service as a GE manager of corporate affairs, after initially joining the company as a speechwriter.

Galpin is survived by four children, ten grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and his dog Rufus. RIP.
[Image via: legacy.com]