Stephen Tschida is Under the Tuscan Sun

ABC7’s dramatic reporter Stephen Tschida could easily slip into Diane Lane‘s role in “Under the Tuscan Sun.” This week he appears to be getting that chance as he escapes Washington for Tuscany.

Sounds like an exquisite trip, right? Well, it is. But traveling with Stephen is never smooth, whether he’s shivering on a broken down train to Philly, on a delayed plane to Miami or on a bus in Washington.

“Charles de Gaulle Airport=empire of the sun! set off alarm, security tossed me around like a football, lost passport and boarding pass,” he wrote late last week. “Guard found passport and pass! This place is mighty confusing and a bit daunting. long LONG walk and two shuttles between terminals.”

Despite the drama, Tschida did reach that Tuscan sun. “You know all they say about the Tuscan sun? Well, it’s true! This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!” he wrote on Sunday. Still, we sense trouble on the horizon….”Florence at last. Forgot how spectacular it is. Every view is like a painting. But boy is it HOT, and are there a lot of tourists.”

Keep us posted Stephen!