Stephen Tschida’s Wild Ride (Continued…)

ABC7  Steven Tschida’s (pronounced Sheeda) wild train ride to Philly got noticed by his own network this afternoon. A recap: During the ride last night when the train got stuck, he prayed, came near tears and worried his a—off. The late afternoon news segment, fittingly called “Train Ordeal,” reported that his trail of tweets (which we chronicled this morning) set off an “internet craze.”

Hearing the female broadcaster read some of his tweets aloud on live TV  — priceless. She remarked in a ubiquitous ever-serious broadcaster voice: “The reporter suddenly became the story.” And how. “You’re alone, you’re cold…I think I’ll tweet about it,“ Tschida said on tape, explaining how his Tweetapalooza went down.

Then the blockbuster moment. “Stephen joins us live,” the newscaster declared. That’s right, Tschida is on a train back to D.C. “You got right back on that horse Stephen,” his colleague said. He said live by phone, “I am heading back to D.C., a bit exhausted…the train is moving smoothly.”

ABC7 asked Tschida: Did you think the story would “go viral?” He said, “Absolutely not. I thought, oh five or six people [will see it], haven’t used this tool. I thought I was sharing information.”

Asked how much of his tweets were his sense of humor and not some serious crackup, he replied, “People who know me would say a big chunk of it is my sense of humor.” Nonetheless, he said, “It was ice cold air blowing on me on that train.” Worst part? “The uncertainty.”

As the result of wild ride, Tschida’s Twitter and email blew up. “Kind of an OMG moment,” he remarked, laughing.

Not to be greedy, but we want more Tschida. You must tweet whenever you travel anywhere, and we mean even if it’s on foot down the block to the 7Eleven.