Playboy Deputy Editor Ponders Hollywood Trades Love Match

Stephen Randall (pictured) has been on staff with Playboy for a long time. To put it in Nikki Finke terms, when the current deputy editor first started at the magazine, she was in her late twenties and in the middle of a brief marriage to attorney Jeffrey W. Greenberg.

This weekend, Randall takes humorous stock in the LA Times of the acquisition of Variety by Finke’s boss Jay Penske. While the op ed by this third-generation Angeleno is not entirely successful, Randall ends on a serious and very salient note:

Executives in Hollywood are in a shrinking business. They want to be important, but they increasingly aren’t. Important people have powerful enemies, and Hollywood has two dying trades and a handful of bloggers…

The entertainment industry will do what it does best: pretend. It will pretend that the online press is powerful and that a dose of harmless snark is lethal. Because if a big-time journalist calls you a putz, you must be pretty damn important. If a mere blogger calls you a putz, well, maybe you are one.

Randall is cleverly reminding why Hollywood continues to ignore the advice of everyone from David Poland to Gavin Polone. Because it suits their restaurant reservation, parking spot pecking order purposes. Read Randall’s full LAT article here.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.