Stephen J. Cannell Talks Vigilante

More than a year after the passing of Stephen J. Cannell, it’s somewhat eery to listen to the prolific TV writer-producer and novelist talk about his latest book Vigilante, released on December 6. But thanks to, which had a friendly relationship with Cannell and spoke to him last not long before his death in September 2010, there is a December 29 audio posting that allows for just that.

Cannell’s last in a long series of novels featuring LAPD Detective Shane Scully and partner Sumner Hitchens has been garnering solid reviews. At the center of this one is a slippery ex-cop, Nixon Nash, named after Tricky Dick in his native Florida and now anchoring the syndicated reality show hit Vigilante TV. A show that has its own full-time staff of qualified crime scene investigators.

What’s most amazing about the way Cannell describes Nash is that it sounds, from the outset, like he is talking about a real, living person. Not some fictitious protagonist.

There’s no better way to be reminded once again of how vividly Cannell was able to conjure up characters than to listen to the four-minute excerpt. A nice Christmas season present for Cannell fans.

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