Stephen Hayes of FOX News Added to Homeland Security Terrorist Watch List

stephen hayes

The goal of any president these days is to stop giving fodder for headlines to whichever network dislikes your party most. When you mess up, those adversely minded broadcasters make it last for a week. When you say something wrong, their ears perk up because it’s time to remind the world of your foibles.

The administration may have had nothing to do with this latest news, but someone has just given FOX News something to discuss until the War on Christmas begins in late November — one of their own was placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorist Watch List.

That’s Stephen Hayes in the picture.

He’s a senior writer at The Weekly Standard and a regular Fox News contributor. Hayes was informed yesterday that he had been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorist Watchlist.

According to Politico, Hayes doesn’t blame political angst (yet). He thinks it’s because of ISIS tensions and his recent one-way trip to Turkey (a Muslim country) to catch a Mediterranean cruise.

“When I went online to check in with Southwest, they wouldn’t let me. I figured it was some glitch. Then I got to the airport and went to check in. The woman had a concerned look on her face. She brought over her supervisor and a few other people. Then they shut down the lane I was in, took me to the side, told me I was a selectee and scrawled [something] on my ticket.

“On my way back, the same thing happened. I got pulled out, they closed down the lane, and did a full pat-down and looked in all parts of my luggage.”

There has been no comment from the Department of Homeland Security (yet), but we’re sure someone could measure the FOX network’s enthusiasm for this development in gallons of saliva.