Stephen Hayes Is Named Editor in Chief of The Weekly Standard

He takes over for founder Bill Kristol.

For the first time in The Weekly Standard’s 21-year history, someone other than Bill Kristol will serve as its editor. Stephen Hayes, who had been senior writer, is now editor in chief, a new role for the publication. Deputy editor Richard Starr is the new editor. The pair will take over responsibility for the daily management of the magazine.

“This new leadership team combines deep institutional knowledge of The Weekly Standard and vast experience covering politics and culture in Washington and outside the beltway,” said Ryan McKibben, CEO of Standard publisher Clarity Media Group, in a statement. “We’re confident that they will build on the work of Bill Kristol.”

Kristol is moving into an editor at large role, another new-to-the-publication position. “I’m thoroughly looking forward to the welcome opportunity to work on longer pieces while continuing to write weekly editorials and contribute to the website,” he wrote in a note to staff. “With Steve and Richard at the helm, the magazine couldn’t be in better hands.” Kristol will also continue to host his weekly podcast.

“In slightly more than two decades, Bill Kristol has built The Weekly Standard into the leading weekly voice for American conservatism and for fifteen years I’ve had the privilege of watching him do it from the inside,” said Hayes in a statement. “What I’ve learned from Bill is immeasurable – about politics and journalism, about running a magazine, about integrity. I’m grateful that he’ll continue to shape the magazine for years to come and I’m honored that I’ve been asked to work alongside him to carry on this important work.”

Starr added to the Kristol praise, saying in a statement, “Working as Bill Kristol’s deputy editor at The Weekly Standard for the last 21 years has been a rare professional privilege and an unalloyed personal pleasure.”

Kristol co-founded the Conservative publication in 1995 along with Fred Barnes, who continues to serve as executive editor.