Stephen Glass, Raconteur

On Friday night, disgraced journalist Stephen Glass performed at the UnCabaret Say The Word night at the Skirball Center.

After being introduced by MC Beth Lapides as a “wonderful and infamous writer,” he told two anecdotes from his life: the first, about a psychiatrist he started seeing “around six years ago” (in other words, when his fabrications at The New Republic were unearthed); the second, about his dog Eugene, who has a giant penis and loves to masturbate. (Seriously, that’s what it was about.)

Glass was dressed like a television writer trying just a little too hard to be hip: black Converse-ish sneakers, aggressively baggy khakis, a T-shirt festooned with an image of a cannon.

As previously reported in this space, Glass is living in Echo Park. Is he putting his JD to use at a local purveyor of legal services? Or is he trying to “break in” to the “industry?” Or both? Stay tuned.

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