California Supreme Court to Decide if Stephen Glass Can Practice Law in California

Disgraced journalist Stephen Glass, who was the subject of the 2003 film Shattered Glass, back in the news.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Glass, who fabricated more than 40 stories between 1996 and 1998, is now working as a clerk at a Beverly Hills law firm, and is attempting to get the state of California to approve his attorney’s license. He passed the bar in 2007 but was turned down due to doubts about his ethics. Glass appealed his denial and found a host of character witnesses to testify to his redemption. Even Glass’ former New Republic editor Martin Peretz went to bat for him in court.

From the Chronicle:

Glass appealed to the independent State Bar Court, which ruled 2-1 in his favor in July. The majority found “overwhelming evidence of Glass’ reform and rehabilitation” since 1998 and noted he had impressive character references from 22 witnesses, including two judges who had employed him, two psychiatrists who treated him, and the former editor in chief of the New Republic, where most of the fabricated articles appeared.

Glass “has learned, painfully, from his mistakes,” the former editor, Martin Peretz, told the bar court.

Glass’ case has gone all the way to the California Supreme Court. Several years ago, Glass attempted similar action in New York, where he passed the bar in 2003, but was ultimately denied.

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