THR Editor Discusses David Milch Cover Story

Stephen Galloway chats with Tim Conway Jr. about the shocking trajectory of NYPD Blue and Deadwood creator.

Stephen Galloway, executive editor of features at our sister publication The Hollywood Reporter, grew up in the U.K. just a few hundred yards from the Ascot Racecourse. But as he told L.A. radio host Tim Conway Jr. Wednesday night, he is not a gambler.

Conway on the other hand explained to Galloway, the co-author of this week’s cover story about the fortune lost on the ponies by NYPD Blue and Deadwood creator David Milch, that he visits the Santa Anita racetrack several times a week. And per the weekday evening radio host’s KFI AM 640 official bio, his fondness for that environment was nurtured at an early age, via a ‘childhood [spent] around Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Del Mar racetracks with his father, four younger brothers and older sister.’ (His father being the famous actor Tim Conway.)

The contrasting taste for handicapping of Galloway and Conway Jr. provided several humorous moments during the telephone interview about the Milch cover story. To go along with some serious notes struck by Galloway:

“I was at great pains when I wrote it [the cover story] to give Milch the chance to speak to me directly,” explained Galloway. “His lawyer advised him against it.”

“I hesitated a lot to even write this story. We had huge discussions internally. And the thing that really tipped it was Milch’s wife has filed a lawsuit against very prominent business managers claiming that they never told her what was going on. And that they had a fiduciary duty to do that… At the moment, these are her allegations against them. If they’re true, it’s heartbreaking.”

The cover photo, above, is actually from a number of years ago, from the time of a previous THR piece about the HBO series Luck. Conway Jr. peppered the conversation with a number of first-hand anecdotes about the Milch-like folks in his life. For example, the friend who would pay a buddy $100 to keep his cell phone in the latter’s golf bag in L.A. during back-to-back 18-hole rounds, so that he could jet off to Vegas to wager and trick his wife if she chose to track his phone.

Galloway added that ironically, there is another story coming up in THR’s big Oscars issue about a separate Hollywood figure who personally lost in the neighborhood of $100 million. Per this week’s cover story, Milch is currently $17 million in debt and relying on his current HBO deal to pay monies owed to to IRS.