Stephen Fry Blogs!


Actor Stephen Fry, who is not exactly a household name here but he should be, is blogging. And boy, does he blog! Prolix, to say the least. Anyway, he’s spelled out everything about being famous, well known, celebritorious, etc. And he’s just brilliant.

Fame is a function of memory. I can’t impel you to forget Adam Sandler, for example, any more than I can instruct you to forget Jack the Ripper or the Jolly Green Giant.

And this:

The lesson for the sleb is be who you are, not what you think others want you to be. Otherwise you’ll get yourself in a pickle by putting on a mockney accent believing that “the people” will be impressed by how “real” you are, whereas we all know nothing grates more.

(And as an aside to our literal reader who wants us to keep it local–he’s an actor, actors live here, local enough for us.)