Stephen Colbert Wants You to Vote

With a little help from Hamilton and Jon Stewart.

In the form of a technicolor musical fantasy, minus the technicolor, Stephen Colbert engaged the audience in an 11-minute get out the vote message.

It started when, during the opening of last night’s Late Show, Colbert was interrupted by the crying of a little girl in the audience, dressed as a circa-turn-of-the-century street urchin, who, when discovered, stood up to sing of her plight: she wasn’t sure she could vote for either candidate (willing suspension of disbelief y’all).

Colbert responded by literally singing the praises of the voting system. “They make the process speedy,” he sang before being interrupted by bandleader Jon Batiste. “Well, except for in black districts,” he reminded Colbert, rooting the skit in some semblance of reality.

“Yeah it’s true,” agreed Colbert. “It’s weird the way that happens.”

The skit continued with an appearance by Jon Stewart as the mayor of Candytown, outfitted in red, white and blue, a carnation in his lapel and a red top hat on his head, sipping from a copper mule mug as he sprayed spit takes on Colbert, a willing foil. There was a surprise appearance by Javier Muñoz as Hamilton (“History has its eyes on you”) and a closing chorus whose costumed members included a crossing guard, astronaut and postal worker.

Watch it in full below, perhaps while you’re waiting in line to vote.