Stephen Colbert To Be Given Control Of @MLB For 24 Hours

If you follow the Major League Baseball’s official Twitter account, be prepared for some off-topic tweeting in the next little while: Stephen Colbert has just been granted 24 hours access to the League’s Twitter account. As Colbert would say, you’re welcome.

Colbert (@stephenathome) and the MLB (@MLB) faced off in the Beat the Streak contest this week, in which fans are encouraged to pick one player every day who they think will get at least one hit. If your player gets a hit, your streak continues. If not, you choose a new player and start a new streak. And while Colbert won a chance to take over the MLB’s Twitter account with his winning streak, regular participants have a chance to win $5,600,000 by breaking baseball’s 56 game record.

Both Colbert and the MLB chose a player each day for two (or three proposed) days, and the one with the longest streak would win. Here are their respective picks:

Colbert’s 2 day streak won him the right to tweet from the MLB’s Twitter account for 24 hours, the details of when exactly this will happen to be sorted out in the near future.

Colbert’s victory tweet doesn’t bode well for people who rely on the MLB account for up-to-date (and accurate) baseball news:

“I schooled @MLB in the Beat the Streak challenge! I am the King of Baseball! (That’s the one with the bats, right?)”

Ah well, at least we can expect some serious comedy gems from two accounts sometime soon. I don’t know about you, but I could always use a double dose of Colbert.