Stephen Colbert finds his ‘Report’ in Twitter Trouble

Without question, Stephen Colbert is a juggernaut of political hijinks and online shenanigans. Much like his progenitor, the great Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” fame on Comedy Central, Colbert has become a political hack (slash) phenom because of his hilarious takes on boring and mundane political issues.

Only now, he is finding there is a wall to some humor and it appears that Colbert may have just ran smack dab into it. In fact, he even took to Twitter to apologize for the now deleted tweet that has gone viral. Twice.

So, what happened? Glad you asked…

Many pundits have taken to the air waves, climbed on their own soapbox, and hurled some arsenic-laced darts in the direction of Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington @#$%^!*s.

ICYMI: Many people in America (with money and Native American heritage) are just about tired of the football team mascot “Redskins.” Snyder, who vehemently opposes the thought that his mascot is a racist slur, has attempted a CSR campaign called the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.”

The ironic thing in Snyder’s Magna Carta about this organization is that he uses the term “Native Americans” and “Tribes” more than a dozen times each, but nowhere except the letterhead do you see the term “Redskins.” Why? Because there’s nothing wrong with his mascot’s name. (Yeah, right.) Anywho, Colbert took umbrage to this ballyhoo and decided to take his humor to the Twitter with this:

Of course, he meant well with his giggles but folk’s feelers got hurt and outrage ensued — not at Snyder, but at Colbert. As you can see, both accounts affiliated with Stephen Colbert deleted the tweet, but by then it is too late. What made things so much worse is the spin from Colbert in the aforementioned apology: “For the record @ColbertReport is not controlled by Stephen Colbert or his show.”

Uh, yeah, about that? Why in the world is that account verified (you know, to prove ownership) if it is “not controlled by the guy or the show?!” This is a PR nightmare and, as Jim Rome usually says, “the cover-up is always worse than the crime.”

This is no different than the asinine excuse of stupid or drunk (or both) athletes that scream “My Twitter account was hacked!” No, just your brain was. No one buys it but everyone lets them skate. Maybe things are different now because #CancelColbert is a thing. Mr. Colbert, please pick up the white courtesy phone. That will be Comedy Central’s legal and PR department.

Oh, yeah. There was an apology as well that says basically “Racism, bad. Satire, good. Viewers, confused. Advantage: PUSH.”