Stephen Burks Sits Down with Three Layer Cake (on a non-Stephen Burks chair)

The online mag, Three Layer Cake, is at it again with yet another really terrific interview. This time around, it’s with another big time designer, Stephen Burks, he of very prolific, famous product design. We knew of Burks work, seeing his name here and there, but they were always little pieces about his work. So it’s great to read things like this that get you into who this guy really is. For example: the guy is a Chicago-native. That’s ten points extra for him right there. Here’s some from the beginning of the interview on how he feels about being a “famous designer”:

The so called star system was created and supported by the press. After Phillipe Starck’s imminent rise to fame, the media realized that design was a marketable field for publications. More magazines sprung up and more stars had to be created to fill them. Obviously, the great designers of the world are more than deserving of the attention they have received. The common complaint is that the influence of the press on the market and manufacturers dictates that these stars get more and more work, become more and more famous and there is little room for lesser known designers to become known. I believe the work should always speak first and if your work is strong, all else follows. Press should never be the primary concern of a designer for industry.