Stephen A. Smith Was Right! Mea Culpa Pending From Bill Simmons

When sportswriter and possible Showtime late night host Stephen A. Smith reported last week that LeBron James going to the Miami Heat was a “done deal,” there wasn’t a sportswriter in America who believed him. He was ravaged, savaged, torn asunder by his colleagues, (yours truly even got a few pokes in.) But no one in sports was harsher on Smith than ESPN blogger and LA resident Bill Simmons. For the past week, Simmons has been tweeting mock Stephen A. Smith reports, that not-so-subtly insinuated Smith was full of shit.

Well, last night Smith was vindicated. LeBron did indeed decide to join the Miami Heat, and Simmons clearly owes Smith an apology. Here’s what Simmons wrote on the matter before “The Decision” was announced.

I busted [Smith’s] chops a few times on Twitter about it; when he reported one week later that Bosh might be heading for Houston, it sure seemed like Smith was talking out of his butt like Ace Ventura. But if LeBron announces Miami tonight? Then Smith is vindicated and I’m giving myself the byline “William J. Simmons” in my next column as an apology.

We’ll definitely be waiting on that “William J. Simmons” column. And as for Smith, this was his final tweet last night.