LA Radio Host Heads Home with ‘Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour’

Without the benefit of national advertising, LA radio host Stephanie Miller has grossed over a million dollars this year with her “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” and says she and her cohorts are on track to be the nation’s top-selling comedy tour of 2011.

It all started in April, when Miller along with show contributors John Fuselgang and Hal Sparks traveled to Wisconsin to support the pro-union demonstrators. The show has since grown to a regular, twice-a-month sideline that will bring Lockport, New York native Miller back home to Shea’s Buffalo Performing Arts Center this weekend. Per a piece in The Buffalo News by Jane Kwiatkowski:

Miller described their stage performances as the radio show “without the FCC.” Roasting Republicans is a favored theme, especially after an election that she coined Operation Backlash. “There’s been a lot of Republican overreach, and I think there’s a lot of frustration out there,” she said.

Audience members can expect to hear some saucy political observations, and they should be prepared to ask questions, because Miller ends the show with a Q&A, similar to a “town hall” meeting.

It’s all part of a pretty big swing year for Miller. Last August, she announced on the air that she was gay, and a few months ago she turned 50.