Politico Writer Swooshes Steph Curry Profile

Michael Kruse has been writing about the NBA's purest shooter since well before that player joined the league.

With March Madness just around the corner, Politico senior staff writer Michael Kruse has delightfully dialed it back to Steph Curry’s run with Davidson College in the NCAA tournament seven years ago. The collegiate hints of Curry’s future NBA stature course throughout the Bleacher Report piece, and among the embedded links is a very prescient article by Kruse, authored for Charlotte magazine in the fall of 2007.

What can you say about Curry that hasn’t already been said? Not too much. But when you’ve been front-seat watching him as long as Kruse has, you certainly can recall a broad set of highlights:

In a game in Davidson on November 25, 2008, Loyola of Maryland used two guys to guard Curry wherever he went on the court. So Curry went to the corner. It was his idea. He just stood there. The rest of his team played four-on-three for the whole game.

Curry, who had hit for 44 earlier in the year against an Oklahoma team led by Blake Griffin and was averaging 35 a game, that night scored zero points. Barr hit six wide-open threes. Davidson won by 30. It stands in retrospect as a bizarre footnote in Curry’s college statistics. But at the time, for his teammates, it was an affirmation.

Fellow Davidson grad Kruse’s fantastically entertaining profile, for which he trailed the Warriors guard to the All-Star Game and beyond, covers everything from Curry’s impact on the bottom line of endorsement partner Under Armour to Golden State number 30’s religious faith, as seen through the eyes of a Reverend who graduated from Davidson in the mid-1970s.