Step Aside, Iron Man: Marvel Revamps Captain Citrus for Florida Orange Growers


What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s…an orange-clad superhero bent on selling you Florida-grown citrus fruit?

That’s right, folks; taking his place in a long line of Marvel superhero legends like Iron Man, Captain America and The X-Men, is Captain Citrus, a collaborative marketing creation intended to help Florida’s citrus growers boost sales.

The original Captain Citrus, a long-outdated mascot for Florida’s orange growers, was more or less an orange wearing a cape. In an effort to bring the spokes-superhero up to date (and borrow some of Marvel’s lately-booming thunder in hopes of offsetting declining demand for products like orange juice) Florida’s orange growers commissioned the famous comic company to redesign the Captain, complete with rippling abs, his own digital comic, and even an animated trailer.

What powers could Captain Citrus possibly lend to his Marvel counterparts, you ask? Well, in his first comic, he uses his solar power to help the Avengers defeat a villain. And what better way to fuel up for fighting evil-doers than with a good, tall glass of Florida orange juice?

Marvel’s Bill Rosemann told NPR that Captain Citrus “lives in an orange grove…In the comic book, you see him with his family. They’re having breakfast. You see how orange juice brings the family together and kick-starts the day.”

Oh, and the green, leafy hair is a nice touch.